About Nordic City Network

As our cities move from industrial to knowledge cities so must we change the way we plan our cities. Separating functions and sectorizing responsibilities and administrations is outdated – we now need to set out minds and efforts to structure, shape, organize and govern our cities as knowledge cities.

Nordic City Network is a network of cities dedicated to this challenge. It works as a platform, where theories are developed and ideas and experiences are exchanged. 

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The Nordic City Network registry

Chairman, Christer Larsson, Director of Malmo City Planning Office,
tel +46 40 342298,
e-mail, christer.larsson@malmo.se

Director, Hannah Wadman, Malmo City Planning Office,
tel +46 709 342314,
e-mail hannah.wadman@malmo.se

Creative adviser, Per Riisom, Riisom City,
tel +45 2679 8292,
e-mail riisomcity@gmail.com