INTA Seminar on migration

INTA Seminar on migration

Welcome to the Opportunity Space Festival and a seminar on migration hosted by INTA, City of Malmö and Nordic City Network. The 2-day seminar will take place in Malmö, August 30th-31th .

The International Urban Development Association (INTA) will held in cooperation with
the City of Malmö, the Nordic City Network and Van Alen Institute a seminar during
the Opportunity Space Festival in Malmö.

INTA is a global membership association where public and private policy makers and urban practitioners come together to share knowledge, experience and performing tools for integrated urban development.

The Opportunity Space Festival is organized by the Van Alen Institute in
collaboration with the City of Malmö, White Arkitekter, Skanska, Individuell
Människohjälp (IM) and Sveriges Arkitekter. Together with government agencies,
businesses, and NGOs and at the side of more than 25 other organizations INTA will
contribute to the festivals program.



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The Opportunity Space Festival will be held in the period of the 22nd August – 2nd
September 2017 in Malmö. The International seminar on migrants and refugees will
be held in two separate parts on two days. The first 6-hour part is on the 30th of
August and introduces all the different cases in 2-hour sessions. The second part will
be a 2-hour conclusion session with an expert panel and a public discussion on the
31st of August. A moderator will guide the discussion through raising key question on
the central approaches.



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