Report from the pre-confernece on Habitat III

Report from the pre-confernece on Habitat III

October 7-8th The City of Malmö, INTA (International Urban Development Association) and NCN (Nordic City Network) in cooperation with IFHP (International Federation for Housing and Planning) invited a number of selected participants to a preconference on "Liveability" in Malmö.



The seminar in Malmo is part of a series of seminars on 10 defined themes, which INTA organizes together with local partners around the world in 2015-2016.

The results of the seminars will be presented at UN Habitat III; the third UN world conference on housing and sustainable urbanization, held in Quito in October in 2016. 

Read more about the context of the pre-conference.

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Some selected representatives from the municipality, business, academia and organizations throughout the Nordic region were invited to the seminar to discuss what "liveability" really is. As a starting point for the discussion we focused on three Malmö cases; Amiralsstaden, Pildammsvägen and Norra Sorgenfri and the question of how to create more quality of life for our citizens. 

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To create an image of what "liveability" is all the participants were asked to bring a thing that symbolizes "liveability" for them in form of an item, a picture or a word. It resulted in a mood board. 

Democracy is a crucial part of liveability; the ability of people to influence their own lives. Nordic City Network has in the last year collected 150 examples of "urban communities" from our member cities. An urban community is a group of citizens who come together to create or change something on the basis of a common interest. The collection resulted in the publication Urban communities and political leadershipLouise Keilgast, Gehl Architects is now to analyzing the content and at the conference she gave a presentation of her findings so far.

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The Mayor of Malmö Katrin Stjernfeldt Jammeh presented Malmö's work with the Commission for a socially sustainable Malmö; a way to increase liveability in Malmö. The Mayor brought a picture of the theme playgrounds and a falafel to the mood board, two things that every day increases the quality of life for many of the citizens. 

Towards the end of the conference Michel Sudarskis, general secretary of INTA, presented a definition of liveability:

"Sum of factors (conditions) that add up to the quality of life of communities and individuals including built and natural environment, economic prosperity, social stability and inclusioneducational opportunitiescultural and recreational possibilities"



Process leaders Victoria Percovich Gutierrez' and Marianne Dock's presentation:

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Louise Kielgast's presentation:


 Urban Communities

Katrin Stjernfeldt Jammeh's presentation:

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Michel Sudarskis' presentations:

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The Matrix:

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