450 byprojekter – 10 years later

Between 2013 and 2014, the Nordic City Network worked to compile 450 examples of pioneering urban development in the Nordics. The work gave unique insights on Nordic urban development at the time and resulted in 8 theses on Nordic urban development.


What has happened since then? Did we miss something that has been of great importance for the urban development in recent years? And what differences are there in the Nordic urban development today, compared to 10 years ago?


At the Lab in Lund, we are kick-starting the process of exploring these questions and finding the projects that are currently influencing the direction of Nordic urban development. During the autumn, the work continues with all member cities sending in new examples of urban project for analysis.


Here you can find the publication 450 byprojekter and the 8 theses.



  • Collection of data in autumn 2024
  • Processing of data in spring 2025
  • Workshop/joint analysis in the Lab in Linköping autumn 2025
  • Conclusion in autumn 2025