About the network

Boosting new knowledge for sustainable cities

Collaboration between cities is crucial to achieve sustainable cities and Agenda 2030.
By knowledge sharing and exploring together,the Nordic City Network supports sustainable,
innovative and competitive Nordic cities


1. Connecting Nordic cities and other stakeholders to develop sustainable cities.
2. Facilitating events, projects and communication for sharing, exploring and learning.
3. Collaborate with other Nordic organisations to boost the Nordic cities and Agenda 2030.


Focus on common challenges and opportunities

Focus of our network is based on current challenges in our member cities. By sharing knowledge and insights, we achieve together what we could never accomplish on our own.


Nordic approach to global sustainable goals

Nordic City Network collaborates with several other Nordic organisations on various aspects of sustainable urban planning and development. The Nordic approach is essential to reach the global goals.


Straight forward

The network shares and explores issues based on common defined challenges. Together we develop new knowledge and ideas to plan and develop sustainable cities.


The essence of the network

Sharing, Exploring and Learning for sustainable cities in the Nordics.




The Nordic City Network consists of member cities around the Nordics. The network is led by a board consisting of member cities. The secretariat organizes common events, projects, member service and communication.



Carl Arnö, Västerås (chairman)

Anne Reinton, Trondheim (vice chairman)

Marcus Horning, Malmö (secretary)

Alisa Basic, Linköping (treasurer)

Birita Wardum Tórshavns (board member)

Susanne Lykkegaard Ryding, Fredericia (board member)