Jun 08 | 2021


Under våren har nätverket testat digitala morgonmöten som en ny form för kunskapsdelning och inspiration. Morgonmöten har varit ett flexibelt forum där relevanta teman och frågor kan lyftas utifrån behov och intresse hos medlemmarna. Möten har under våren växlat fokus mellan internt erfarenhetsutbyte i nätverket och extern inspiration där professionella utanför nätverket presenterat ett case. Vi kommer att fortsätta med konceptet under hösten bl.a. för att testa teman som vi kan dyka djupare ner i framåt.

Dec 16 | 2020

Report from Nordic City Stories-conference

Urban communities around the world are facing great challenges in form of climate change, lack of trust in democratic institutions, increasing inequality and health differences. Many actors need to cooperate to adress these complex issues. And to succeed, we need to work together - not just to formulate solutions - but also defining the problems. ​ For 3 years, the member cities of Nordic City Network have focused on seeing, understanding and changing their communities to make them more inclusive, resilient and innovative. Through theses, tests and evaluation, the cities have produced new ideas and methods for urban development. Read more about the conference on November 24th.

Dec 02 | 2020

Knowledge-exchange webinars on how to take Agenda 2030 to a local level

Welcome to a Nordic knowledge-exchange webinar series from December 2020 through February 2021. A series made for you, working with sustainability issues and SDGs in Nordic municipalities or regions – building on last year’s conference on the topic. This time, on behalf of the Nordic Council of Ministers, we invite you to six thematic sessions. Learn and share your experiences – good and bad – on implementing and monitoring select SDGs: from climate and gender to housing and procurement. Our virtual meeting rooms will be open for discussions and networking.