Three points from the board’s strategy day in Trondheim

In mid-November, the board met in Trondheim for its annual strategy day. On the agenda were questions like network’s unique selling point (USP) and positioning going forward, as well as next year’s activities and budget. 

Three points from the Strategy meeting: 

  • The network has found a well-functioning form of business that we are adjusting and developing. 
  • We will continue with the setup physical Lab, digital morning meetings and a digital launch meeting during the next year. Suggested dates for next year’s morning meetings are Wed 29 March and Fri 5 June. Save the date! 
  • The board discussed how we best can use our resources and plans to start a number of “task forces” in which the members can also be included. This will be a chance for the mebers to be part of a fun context and contribute to the development of the network.