Info from the Board

In connection with the lab in Västerås, the board held its fourth meeting for this year. On the agenda were, among other things, new members, planning of the board’s strategy day and VAT on membership fees. 

Three points from the board meeting: 

  • The board discussed next year’s theme, a discussion that will continue at the strategy day in November. 


  • Malin Lagervall is leaving her position at Umeå municipality and is therefore also leaving her assignments in the NCN board. Instead, Anne Reinton and Maria Asp Wendelboe will take part in the recruitment of new members group that Malin Lagervall has led.  


  • Our accountant has proposed we should split the current “membership fee” into a service fee and membership fee and charge VAT on the part that is the service fee. Since the municipality can deduct the VAT, it does not affect the actual membership cost. More information will come with next year’s invoice!