Meet the Chairman of NCN

Carl Arnö, chairman of Nordic City Network on his contribution to the network, and what he likes to most about NCN: 

So Carl, what is the best thing about NCN? 

– NCN is knowledge-based. A network that develops knowledge based on the broad base of experiences, similarities and differences in the challenges we face in our cities. We have a Nordic community, and we are similar enough but also different enough to unite in the challenges and find new solutions going forward. 

What is your main contribution as chairman of NCN? 

– I have extensive experience in urban development in various roles and contexts. It has provided a wide network of contacts that I am happy to share with you. I also believe that I contribute because I want to develop myself and feel joy when I do it together with others. That characterizes the work here in the network. A shared joy in being able to share knowledge, experiences and learn from each other. 

This mini-interview with Carl is a part of a series of interviews on the theme “Meet the Board of NCN” that we will publish both on this website and on our page on LinkedIn.